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Writers are frequently told to write what they know. Married more than once, Chris Chegri knows romance. Keeping the marriage going has been a challenge, so she decided to express her romanticism through writing rather than dating. A passion for humor, travel and foreign cultures has led her to work on a time-travel set in Morocco and a humorous crime novel set in east Texas.

Chris Chegri has previously been a member of Sisters in Crime, Phoenix Chapter and Romance Writers of America. She also mentors several new writers. She grew up spending summers at her grandmother's home in Ormond by the Sea, just north of Daytona Beach, Florida. A sleepy, unpretentious seaside town, it seemed the perfect spot to relax, clear your mind, even fall in love. And so, she wrote Package Deal.

kNight Romance Publishing announced the release of Chris Chegri’s novel, Package Deal, on March 15, 2012 in paperback and EBook.

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             Dying to Love

           Dying to love is the perfect 
                    Halloween Read.
Charlee Devereux awakens at midnight to find a man hiding in the shadows of her bedroom. She tries to escape and runs into the arms of her ex-fiance, Mitch Matthews, who stood her up four years earlier on the night of their elopement.

Her hurt and anger still fresh, she asks him to leave. But Mitch isn't the only surprise. Charlee's house is haunted, and supernatural events drive her back into Mitch's arms-- at least temporarily. Emotions run high as Charlee deals with her fear and mixed feelings toward Mitch's sudden appearance.

A fast-paced paranormal romance, rich with plot twists, romance and a roller coaster ride of emotions, Dying to Love is a novelette you won't want to miss.

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Kelly Pearson accepts a job in sunny Daytona Beach, leaving San Francisco’s gloom and the pain of her past behind. A man’s interest is the last thing she wants, but a mix up at the airport forces a luggage swap with Steve McCarthy. Despite the icy facade Kelly uses to protect herself, she is drawn to Steve by his patience and kindness toward her and her daughter Lacy. But trust comes hard for Kelly, and she reminds herself if something is too good to be true, she’d better run! 

Steve McCarthy, a cryogenic physicist at the Kennedy Space Center, has been single far too long and is ready to settle down and have a family. His attraction for Kelly is undeniable, and he is determined to melt her cold heart, never realizing that one misstep and he could lose her forever. 

Betrayal and deception threaten to destroy their relationship, and the peace Kelly dreamed of finding along the sun-drenched beaches of Florida suddenly seems an illusion. One man stands between them. Gary Benson. Who the hell is Gary Benson?