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About Me

     I grew up in the mid-west, with two sisters, German Shepherds and loving parents. I wrote poems and spilled my heart out on paper as a kid, and wrote humorous tales of my misadventures for my writing classes in college. I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but soon discovered I preferred healthy animals to sick ones. I fell in love with cavemen, but Louis Leakey, Egypt and all the great archeological digs were too far away, so I took art. I’d written so many papers and read so many text books that after finishing school, I swore off both. At the age of twenty six, I made a liar of myself and sat down to write my first fiction novel. In an instant, my life was changed. 

       I was married, had two small daughters and worked as a mechanical designer during the day. My sister gave me a Kathleen Woodiwiss novel, and I fell in love with the past. My nights were changed forever. While everyone slept, I wrote. No more nuts and bolts and machine parts—now my nights were spent conjuring up beautiful, spunky women clad in satins and brocades and the Adonis-like men pursuing them. My imaginings filled with sweaty muscles—which amused my husband—rough ocean crossings, and horse-drawn carriages dashing into the stormy night.


        I wrote only one historical and never published it. I quickly moved on to write Package Deal, entered it into a Romance Writer’s of America national contest and won third prize for best short contemporary. A dream come true, right?  I wish. A chronic illness flattened me. I crawled into bed and spent several years thinking of healing, not writing. 

     After years of doctors and more beauty sleep than one woman deserves, I have recovered mostly, but not completely. An angel, my niece, sent me a wireless mouse and keyboard and I began to write again. I punched out two more novels, revived Package Deal, got an agent and sold Package Deal, which I’m happy to say reached Amazon’s top 20 e-books list this February. 

        I wrote Package Deal hoping to share some of the wonder along Florida’s coast. I’d spend my summers in Daytona beach with grandparents and an aunt and uncle, all of whom were amazingly talented people. As I grew up, I hoped to unearth a bit of their talent and use it for myself. 

        My life and relationships have resulted in a passion for travel, taking me as close as East Texas and as far as Tahiti, Morocco, Brazil, Japan. I have an affinity for foreign people and places, love the challenge of communicating with others and learning their language and in general… suffer from wanderlust, a curse to bear at times.

         As a last resort art major in college (lol), I still paint—mostly scenes from the countries I’ve visited, play with my Rosetta Stone and pretend I can speak foreign languages, but writing is my true passion. Several trips to Morocco inspired me to write a humorous time-travel mystery, Eyes of the Camel. I plan to work on book two of the series this summer. My visits to my sister in East Texas inspired a humorous crime novel, also meant to be a series, which I hope to place this year and see in bookstores eventually. I’ve moved from romance to humor, although all my books have romantic elements as does life. 

        Somewhat of a gypsy, I move around more than most people change cell providers. I am currently in East Texas, again, and plan to live in Florida for several months over the summer, then possibly off to Brazil where I will polish my Portuguese, dig my toes in the sand while I soak in the sun, dance the Samba and write more novels.


Here are some of the places I have lived ~

      St. Louis, Missouri             Philadelphia, Pennsylvania            Houston, Texas                               Phoenix, Arizona